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My Journey

From a young age, I have believed in spirits, angels and magic. More recently I believe in guidance from beyond our universe the divine, higher force or God. In my eyes, we all have the power to improve our lives, all we need to do is harness the proper energy and understand which tools we need to heal effectively. Healing is a journey, a rude awakening -  a spiritual awakening and now for me a way of life. 

Holistical Healing with Cheraine is a safe space to explore and embrace your spiritual self together, I see myself as a student of life, for life.

No judgement or ego - just pure love & light.

Holistical Healing was born due to demands of spiritual products from my family & friends during my own journey, it began with crystals, then sage smudge sticks until I eventually formulated my own smudge sprays. The main reason was the smell of traditional sage smudging, my husband just wasn't fond of it, I had to come up with a compromise!

After months of trialling and perfecting our recipe, we ended up with two amazing sprays, Cleansing & Relaxing. Relaxing was blended with my two young children in mind, something to add to their bedtime routine which signals winding downtime & to promote relaxation. 

Our sprays are safe for all the family.

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