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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sage and why is it used?

Sage is a herb which comes in many different varieties, grown all over the world. Sage is used in many spiritual rituals carried out for healing, blessings, purification and cleansing of negative energies that no longer serve us also known as smudging. This tradition has been used for thousands of years historically within the Native American community, the Chinese practice of Fengshui and in many other holistic practices. Sage isn't the only herb used for smudging, we stock a variety of energy cleansing sticks for a range of uses.

Is your energy cleansing spray different to traditional stick cleansing?

An alternative to smoke based cleansing is our energy cleansing spray, ours is made up of essential oils and it is infused with protective crystals - This is usually the preferred option for the work place, travelling, shared spaces or just a nice optional alternative. All our Sprays are handmade with love, light and with ethically sourced natural products.

What can I energy cleanse with herbs?

Energy cleansing can be carried out on anything that carries energy, basically everything.

Personally I cleanse anything I buy such as clothes (people have tried on before you), jewellery and most importantly gifts. I do gifts not to offend the recipient but I don't need a whole journey of built-up energy in my house and neither do you.

What is a good alternative to sage?

Palo Santo is a special kind of wood as it holds sacred properties as its smoke purifies the environment when you burn it. Many people describe the scent that Palo Santo gives off a calming and relaxing vibe. The scent is earthly and natural, with a magical experience. 


Unlike Sage the COMPLETE energy resetter, Palo santo is said to cleanse the negative energy away and bring in the good.


As well as being used to energetically cleanse, Palo Santo can be lit as an incense, but please never leave unattended. This wood adds a wonderful sweet scent to the air.

What can I expect my energy cleansing experience to be like?

Before you begin you will need the following:

Heatproof dish*

Energy cleansing stick


Candle- optional*


Step 1

Place the stick in the heat proof dish, light the tip with a candle or lighter, then slightly wave the stick in the air until the tip begins to burn, once it is a light blow away any flames to prevent the fire spreading to the whole stick.


Step 2

Say a prayer/chant of your choice or use the one provided by us, if you don't want to pray just mentally focus your energy into the sage stick with the intentions you wish to carry out.


Step 3

Hold the stick over a fireproof dish at all times to prevent burning or bright lit herbs from dropping onto the floor while cleansing, wave your hand through the air to lightly fan smoke.

You can also fan using a feather - if you have one. Remind yourself to stay connected to your intention throughout.

Step 4

Open windows for ventilation and a exit for the unwanted energy, starting at the front door move in a clockwise direction around your house, lightly waving the smoke around into the air as you travel. 

Devote more time cleansing the room corners, as they tend to gather stagnant energy. Be sure to also open the cupboard/wardrobe doors and cautiously cleanse inside. Do not forget about spaces such as the utility room, cupboard under the stairs & the garage.

When you have cleansed all areas of your house, return to the starting point and gently extinguish your stick, dipping it into a bowl while applying light pressure. Wait for the stick to be totally extinguished, to finish you could leave your stick in the container packing it away until your next session.


*Not provided

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