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White Sage

Burning sage as a herb acts as an antimicrobial. Sage has proven to boosts memory, mental clarity and can also improve air quality. Sage cleanses the air by reducing up 94% of airborne bacteria this is according to science and has been proven in studies.


Sage has amazing cleansing properties to remove negative energy and toxins from the air. Cleansing the air with sage is an indigenous spiritual ritual carried out for healing, blessings, purification and cleansing out negative energies that no longer serve.


This type of cleansing is not to be carried on a daily basis. This is mainly due to the fact that sage acts as a complete energy reset, sage removes positive AND negative energy. Please be aware of this when incorporating energy cleansing into your spiritual cleansing routine.

Smudging is an ancient indigenous practice now recognised and becoming popular worldwide. Many cultures use herbs and plants to smudge with other than sage.


All things in nature provide us with different kinds of sacred tools including plants, as everything nature has their own powers, energies and beneficial uses, we can work with these to manifest intent into the physical realms by performing rituals.


When selecting an energy cleansing product, you may know your intent, or you could just be drawn to one of our products subconsciously. Different plants have different uses and purposes depending on what you are interested in please research or ask if you are unsure.


Please see the FAQ page for full instructions

Californian White Sage| 9 Inch

  • Light one end of your stick. It will burn for several seconds then lightly blow on it until the stick begins to glow and become smoky.

    Some herbs/plant require relighting several times due to the oils they contain.

    Use a shell, ashtray or heatproof dish to catch any ash and to hold the stick, to cleanse yourself use a waving motion to send the smoke over your body, down to your feet to your head and back down to your feet again to finish.

    To cleanse the room slightly wave the stick in the air. Begin to focus on your intent, you can sing, chant or pray whilst fanning the smoke your hand.

    Please see FAQ page for full instructions

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