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Let someone know your are in their thoughts, together along with Holistical Healing staff we send love, light and healing to this situation.


Sometimes we can't find the words, maybe you would like to gift something more than flowers to keep your loved one's mind occupied?


We've put together a box for anyone at end of life and are transitioning, someone who has just lost a love one or perhaps someone who is just going through a really hard time with a relationship breakdown. Grief is not something you want to walk alone.




Condolence Set | Transitioning, Loss or Grief

السعربدءًا من 12٫00£
  • Light one end of your stick. It will burn for several seconds then lightly blow on it until the stick begins to glow and become smoky.

    Some herbs/plant require relighting several times due to the oils they contain.

    Use a shell, ashtray or heatproof dish to catch any ash and to hold the stick, to cleanse yourself use a waving motion to send the smoke over your body, down to your feet to your head and back down to your feet again to finish.

    To cleanse the room slightly wave the stick in the air. Begin to focus on your intent, you can sing, chant or pray whilst fanning the smoke your hand.


    Please see FAQ page for full instructions

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