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Goloka Incense - Organica Series
Fragrance: Davanam


Also known as 'Souther wood' Botanical Name: Artemisia siversiana.


Davanam has been vastly used in religious prayer offerings in the Indian Subcontinent. 


The vedic seers knew the benefits and its great medicinal properties. It is a natural air deodoriser. Burning these incense create a holistic atmosphere.


Enjoy this NEW Organica Series from Goloka Incense.


Available in various unique fragrances. Goloka Incense is handmade with natural ingredients.

The Organica Series is made with Natural Masala
Goloka Incense is made with natural ingredients.

Sold per pack of 15 grams each (Approx 10 to 12 incense sticks). 

    Davanam Goloka Organica Incense

    غير متوفر
    • All the manufacturing profits for this incense are used for 100% for Charitable Activities in India by Goloka.

      Enter the World of Wellness in a Natural and Healthy Way!

      All proceeding from the sale of Goloka Incense is used for 100% Charitable Activities like:

      • The Akshaya Patra Foundation Providing Mid-day meals to 1.4 million underprivileged children every day!
      • Aiding poor students with Scholarships.
      • Value Education Sri Krishan Kalakshetra Krishnashraya

      Our incense range is free from chemicals, alcohol, artificial colours, synthetic scents, artificial preservatives, animal products.


      Hand-rolled in India


      Colours and width vary within bunches due to the handmade nature

      • Made with Natural Ingredients
      • No Animal Testing, 
      • No Child Labor
      • 100% of all manufacturing profits are used for charity and charitable activities in India
      • Natural Masala Incense Sticks
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