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Olive Jade 

Balance Emotions, Confidence & Grounding

Transform any negative energy you have in your life into positive, this stone brings a great sense of calm and tranquillity to your life.


If you have trouble with dreams place one under your pillow to promote dreams and recalling them. This stone is great for the heart chakra bringing you peace, wisdom from the spirit worlds and protection.


Olive Jade | Emotional Stress

وحدة SKU: 30
  • Although the cleansing has been done already by us, please cleanse your crystals of any energies they may have absorbed on its journey to you! (loose Sage provided)

    Crystals work by absorbing energy, cleanse crystals regularly with an energy cleansing tool of your choice (Spray, Incense or Stick).

    Every full moon you can also charge your crystals in the light of the moon energy.

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