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Rose Quartz

Love, Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing, & Stress Relief


Rose Quartz is known to open the heart to the beauty within and all around us. This stone will assist in healing by helping with forgiveness and releasing old issues.


This crystal encourages kindness on all levels. It teaches forgiveness and patience bringing kindness and love into the heart for self and others.

Rose Quartz | Mini Heart

  • Although the cleansing has been done already by us, please cleanse your 

    crystals of any energies they may have absorbed on its journey to you! 

    (loose Sage provided)


    Crystals work by absorbing energy, cleanse crystals regularly with sage (Spray or Stick).

    Every full moon you can also charge your crystals in the light of the moon energy 

  • Heart Stones

    stone can be either carried around with you for assistance throughout your day or when you’re in need of some healing. Place the heart stone on the body part In need of healing or hold the palm stone crystal whilst meditating or performing healing.


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